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How to Control Turbidity on Construction Sites 

There is increasing pressure on construction site managers to reduce the off-site impacts of stormwater runoff on streams, lakes, and estuaries adjacent to their projects.   Traditional erosion and sediment control measures, even when properly installed and maintained, will often release highly turbid water to the environment. Increasing scrutiny and regulation of these discharges is driving developers to seek cost-effective practices to address the turbidity that standard sediment traps and basins cannot capture.  Polymer systems developed in or adapted from water treatment, mining, and agricultural applications have been adapted for use on construction sites and can bring runoff turbidity to acceptable levels, often two orders of magnitude lower. This workshop will provide participants with the background and knowledge to implement a wide range of methods to reduce turbidity in construction site stormwater.

The workshop is designed to provide practical information on the use of polymers for professionals involved in designing and managing erosion, sediment, and turbidity control on construction sites. 


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